Advocating for Inclusion in Sports Betting Communities

When sports betting communities are inclusive, the revenue growth, customer loyalty and innovation are massive. With a widened customer base, market risk is lowered while creating a resilient business model.

At 1Win, we recognize that diversity and inclusion bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the game. When players share their betting strategies and create stronger relationships between each other, they also drive innovation in sports betting systems – increasing social aspects of their experiences.

  1. Educate Your Community

Fair play is important when it comes to gambling on sports. By acknowledging diversity and inclusion in your industry and community, you align yourself with societal expectations – thus strengthening your credibility. Moreover, if you have a diverse range of customers, revenue streams will be broader which decreases market risk as well as strengthens business models.

However, how these marketing strategies affect attitudes towards gambling is still unclear – particularly for newer forms such as sports betting.

According to storytellers who have participated in our research project, marketing for sports betting has been spreading out from specific gambling environments into everyday media platforms and community spaces; this gives off an idea that betting is normal within sport experiences which may not always be safe or healthy.

It has been found that direct messaging from operators via emails or texts has influenced intentions behind spending behavior massively. These messages are often created to tempt young adult males (who are more likely to develop problematic gambling habits) into further indulging in bets.

  1. Support Positive Behavior

Although responsible gambling promotion is one way of promoting inclusivity among bettors, additional measures need to be taken to ensure inclusivity thrives within sport betting communities. Encouraging positive behaviors such as empathy between players and respectful communication can help build stronger relationships between them all while also increasing support among each other for various sporting events where opposing teams face one another.

Additionally, fans should also be educated about match-fixing or insider information sharing when it comes to compromising their favorite sporting competitions’ integrity.

When participants in our research were asked about the impact of marketing for gambling products, here were a few responses: ads for gambling products before and during games had made betting normal within their fan rituals; inducements (e.g. free bets) have an impact on intentions behind consumption; this further validates the industry’s growing alignment with culturally valued entities.

  1. Create Safe Spaces

Offering safe spaces for your bettors is one way of promoting inclusivity in your community. These spaces should be free from all forms of discrimination, intimidation or harassment so that all members can participate fully in whatever events or activities they desire.

For example, creating a sports betting Discord server will allow members to share their picks and strategies with each other while also building new relationships among people who have similar interests and passions. Not to mention how bettors can come together to cheer on their favorite teams!

By organizing competitions or events within your community, you give your bettors reasons to compete against one another – fostering better relationships between them – as well as giving them a safe space to spend their money on sports-related games and activities!

  1. Promote Diversity

With a broader base, the more diverse players there are in betting, the more ideas and perspectives you get. This means that there would be constant innovation and customer loyalty. It also reduces market risk which will make your business model stronger.

According to our qualitative study participants, they used qualitative methods to discuss marketing strategies that attempted to align cultural meanings of sports and betting. They gave examples of advertisements that linked gambling with friendship and comradeship, inducements like stake-back offers and incentivisation schemes such as stake-back offers. All these attempts were aimed at creating a new perception that betting is just as essential part of sport participation. This created a “gamblification” of sports which has given us a new cultural representation where betting forms an integral part of sport experience.

An inclusive gaming industry is paramount for its long-term survival and at 1Win CM we have ensured all members feel supported and valued by us. We look forward to supporting women’s football growth and social inclusivity in junior sport in the future.

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