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This past year has seen a surge of new players turning to online casinos for what could be a more permanent change as the future of brick-and-mortar locations still remains in question for some, and with the growing number of online services becoming available as this list of sites for example that have allowed UK players to turn to others like US sites, there’s certainly growing availability. With the growing number of services comes the growing number of games attractive new players too, but what are some of the biggest?

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Live dealers and live games – The biggest and most recent introduction has been within the growth of different live games that have become available through many online casinos – by bringing a more interactive and social experience to online gambling many of these live games have been able to replicate a large part of what makes casinos as a whole so appealing for many, and with the ability to interact with other players whilst participating in these live games it’s no wonder they’ve become so successful.

A variety of slots – Slot machines have been a staple in gambling since many would have started playing and as such it’s no surprise that they’ve found their home in the online space too – many have been able to change to deliver many different options from the typical three-reel slots that are familiar to a growing number of different options like video slots and themed slots that capture the attention of many. The big change that online slots have brought to many however is the ease of accessibility to play – simply tap in, play a few rolls, tap back out at your own convenience, and it has dramatically changed the way people play the slots as a whole.

The classic roulette ­– Much like the slots, the classic roulette has quickly become one of online casinos biggest games too largely due to the fact they’re very easy to access, and very easy to hop in and out of without the requirement of lots of time. Given they’re also very random and have no particular skill requirement, it allows new and experienced players alike even chances to win and provides something  that remains familiar across all platforms. These are just a few of the options out there as the number of games becoming available is growing rapidly, and with newer technologies becoming available and changing the approach through things like virtual and augmented reality for example and will continue to push the market forward – if offline locations are unable to recover, then the future is certainly looking to be within online options, they’ll continue to move forward and improve for the growing number of new players becoming interested.

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