Review of Viking Fire slot

Travel back in time over a thousand years and surround yourself with some scary Scandinavians in this exciting online slot game from Lightning Box Games. Complete with redheaded angry men in metal horned helmets; every aspect of this game fits the theme entirely and works to achieve an impressive and immersive gaming experience.

The unique animated features and layers of play do well to break away from the more traditional or movie based slots that are quite frankly, often overused.  So if you’re not sure whether Viking Fire or Vikings Go Wild Slot is the right online slot game for you, then just keep reading this comprehensive review for everything you need to know. 

How to Play Viking Fire Slot

Thankfully this slot game doesn’t include as much of the gore or gruesomeness that the Vikings were all about. It takes a much softer approach so even the fainthearted of you will be just fine. Set in the environment of nature, the background is calming and shows rolling green hills and bright blue sky.

Symbols include the letters J, Q and K, images of a dog, a gold hammer, a Viking woman, a mysterious man complete with a crystal ball and the classic ginger Viking warrior. The 5 reels are set on a wooden structure and boast an impressive 40 pay lines. Players can adjust their bet with a minimum of 0.01p and a maximum of  £25 per line making the overall minimum per spin 50p and maximum a whopping £1,250.

This really is one of the biggest slot ranges out there, with one of the highest maximum bet limits available. Very few other online slot games cater to these kinds of stakes and so the high rollers who are looking for something to match their budget will be especially pleased with this one. 

Viking Fire Slot Features

With high stakes like that it’s no wonder the potential payouts are incredibly generous. The first feature to aim for is the scattered fireball. Not only does it pay out a grand total of 2000 coins for 5 symbols but it also activates an additional reward. In this bonus round players can trigger wild symbols and additional free games.

Another wild symbol is the iconic golden hammer that pays out a still impressive although slightly less amount of 1500 coins. Next on our list is the Viking symbol sporting the ginger hair and iconic horned helmet.

It pays out 750 coins and is far more frequent in its appearance so players can build their prize pot gradually. If you’re still not content with just standard spinning slots, then this game still has you covered. Hitting at least 3 scattered fireball symbols will trigger a bonus round where players can fire shots to reveal a prize such as free spins, extra symbols, or gold coins. There really is endless ways for punters to win money on this unique and fun slot. Considering that players can now use any computer, mobile or tablet, you really don’t have any excuse to not give this one a whirl.

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