Top 3 slots to experience the thrill of online gaming

Never before has it been so much fun to play from your tablet or Smartphone, this possibility is only provided by the virtual casinos available on the web. Slots have become one of the most attractive distractions for gamblers, with games that have exciting content for every occasion.

Online slots not only free you from boredom, they also allow you to explore interesting themes that make you vibrate with emotion from the warmth of home.

1. All Win FC

All Win FC is an exhilarating football-themed slot machine, provided by the brilliant artists of Microgaming software, especially for those who enjoy a good game of football in their favourite corner of the house. It comes with a simple 5×3 reel format and 10 pay-lines to catch up on revenue with a bit of luck.

Added to the many advantages of bonuses, jokers, scatters, free spins, and you have a high return rate of 96.12% when playing. Your payment is made instantly, also through echeck casino payment method, directly from the game interface by immediately adding to your account balance.

2. Mega Ball 100 X Live

The developer company Evolution Gaming created a very exciting live game that combines traditional bingo and lottery. It consists of acquiring a card or several and completing winning lines, you also participate in a special round called “MegaBall”.

The game is played in a fast-paced, live, exciting and authentic environment that keeps users on their toes just like in the real casino, while they entertain themselves by keeping an eye on the multipliers they might get by filling up a line.

The return rate to the player is between 95.4% and 95.05%.  If you are interested you can interact with the dealer live, but first you must arrange the numbers at random and start to see the results of the draw.

3. Lady Earth

Enter a world deeply connected to nature in combination with modern and brilliant graphics that give an air of science fiction to the amazing panorama.

It is a slot with 51 paylines and a return rate of 96.8%. Winnings flow by matching three equal symbols. The scatter symbol is a blue mask, which when it appears on screen will give you nice bonuses.

Casino recommendations

This stage of confinement, which in some countries seems to be long, will most probably mean that in the order of re-opening of activities and centres, places such as discotheques, leisure centres or casinos will be at the bottom of the list.

People who are used to playing live in these places will have to get used to practising their activity through “live casinos” during a good season, which try to simulate the environment and the characteristics of the real game.

The casinos offered on this technological platform have been tested in practice and guarantee full confidence in them. It must be taken into account that this type of virtual places have been operating for almost twenty years and already have enough experience to be able to guarantee their solvency and the fulfillment of all their payment and prize refund commitments.

The dynamics in real casinos have been to the detriment of the former types of games in favor of the latter which currently account for approximately two thirds of total revenue.

The large jackpots that accumulate in these machines have gradually attracted a larger group of players.

It is always essential to remember that this type of activity must be practiced with prudence and serenity, dedicating amounts to it that do not put at risk our solvency or the economic tranquility of our family and loved ones. The game if practiced should be as fun and never as an addiction because of the serious risks involved.

It is therefore necessary to be aware that at present that not only is it not necessary to go to the places of game, but you can not go because they are closed, the same levels of control and prudence must be applied in the game as in the places dedicated to this activity.

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