Top 5 Board Games For Money

Whether you’re teaching your kids about money or looking for a way to pass the time, board games for money can provide just the right activity. This is especially true if you’re looking for a way to teach your kids about financial literacy. These games also make great classroom tools, as they are fun and interactive.

Candy Land

Designed by Eleanor Abbott in 1948, Candy Land is a classic board game that has been a staple for decades. It’s easy to play, and requires minimal counting or reading skills.

It’s also a good educational tool that can help you teach your kids about reading, pattern recognition, and playing together. It’s also a social activity that can help you teach your kids how to win graciously, and lose graciously.

There are four different versions of Candy Land. The earliest version was produced in 1949, and was designed to entertain children in hospital wards.


Designed by Parker Brothers in 1935, Monopoly is a board game that has a unique money system. Players buy and sell properties with play money. They then try to collect rent on these properties. They can also mortgage their assets at a discount.

The game is designed for two to eight players. If players are evenly matched, the game can last for more than two hours.

Players take turns moving around the board with a set of dice. The player with the highest roll gets to buy a property.


Throughout the world, Scrabble is a popular board game. It is a competitive word game, played by two or more people, where players form words with lettered tiles on a 225-square board. The player with the most points wins. Unlike crossword puzzles, Scrabble requires spelling skills, vocabulary, and paper and pen. The number of letters in each word is at least three, but more often eight or more. It is considered an educational and family activity.

Scrabble is available in various editions. The deluxe editions feature superior materials and features, such as a raised grid to hold tiles. They are also usually made of glass or hardwood.


Whether you want to play for free or for real money, backgammon can be fun and exciting. It also builds a player’s mental strength. It helps the player deal with stress and strengthens the immune system.

Backgammon is not difficult to learn. However, it is important to understand the basic rules of the game. You also need to know your opponent’s strategies. A savvy player can earn thousands of dollars by playing well.

You can also play for real money by downloading an online backgammon game. This can be a fun and exciting way to win.

Sell used board games on Geek Market

Whether you’re looking to get rid of some old games or just want some cash, selling used board games is an excellent way to earn some extra cash. Selling used games is also a great way to clear out some clutter.

The Geek Market is a place where you can sell used board games. You can sell games for a small fee, but you need to follow a few steps to get started.

First, you’ll need to create a seller account. Then you’ll need to create a shipping plan. Finally, you’ll need to set up an FBA inventory.

Teach financial literacy with board games

Using board games to teach financial literacy is a great way to introduce kids to basic money skills. They can learn how to count, make change and make investment decisions. This is especially important as children begin to access funds. These games also make learning money concepts fun and engaging.

One popular board game for kids to learn money skills is Buy It Right. It is designed for ages six and older and can be played in less than thirty minutes. It’s also a good way for kids to practice mental arithmetic skills. It’s also available in a simplified version for younger kids.

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