Best Poker Hands

A poker hand consists of cards with rank determined by its cards and an optional kicker to break any ties among hands of equal rank.

An Ace-King poker hand is widely considered one of the strongest starting hands in Texas Hold’em, outshone by all pocket pairs except pocket kings. As it can be opened from any position, this premium starting hand offers players an edge.


Ace-ten suited is one of the top poker hands and an ideal candidate for preflop betting, serving as a gapper pair (that lack one rank between themselves – such as between king and queen). Gappers present an excellent opportunity to hit backdoor flushes on the flop, making them valuable betting hands.

However, this best poker hand will only be worth investing in when you possess range advantage. When an opponent in either early or middle position raises, you should drop this poker hand immediately.

Ace-ten suited is widely considered one of the strongest poker hands ever created, despite lacking creative names for itself. Other nicknames for it include Antony and Cleopatra, the Hammer Hand or Beer Hand because winning with this hand will earn everyone in your hand free beer!


The King-Queen combination is one of the strongest poker hands, though not necessarily the strongest one. This starting hand can be utilized in multiple ways to beat most other hands; you could bluff, raise preflop or use bluffing against opponents that hold top pairs or straights as an effective strategy to bluff against them.

Pocket Kings are the second strongest poker hand. These powerful cards can beat most other hands preflop and boast an excellent winning rate; especially helpful in suited situations when they may create opportunities for flushes.

Pocket Jacks come close behind, and can be used both to catch bluffs and play other hands. However, since they’re not as strong as AA or KK cards, you should expect some pots with them.


The ideal poker hands are those that possess both high value and probability of hitting. Such hands can defeat all other hands except royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind and three of a kind; but even these might not guarantee victory.

In 1976, when the World Series of Poker had only just entered its seventh year, Doyle Brunson made an unforgettable statement of intent by defeating Jesse Alto with an iconic hand: two pair of tens and twos against an unsuited ace-jack combination held by Alto. This victory has become legendary.

Poker is a game of skill and luck, yet its greatest moments often occur when two or more players with near-impossible hands meet head to head. Often televised, these showdowns become legendary among fans, adding further appeal and drama. These epic showdowns serve to emphasize how rapidly-evolved poker has become over time.


While not all poker hands are created equal, some stand out as memorable examples that capture the thrill and unpredictability of playing the game. Some have become iconic figures within popular culture while others have inspired movies or novels; these powerful hands not only represent luck and magic of poker but are a celebration of its power!

Ace-queen is an impressive poker hand, yet is often outshone by other hands and should be approached cautiously. When considering how best to approach playing this hand, look at your opponents’ tendencies, their bet size and table image; and consider which position or image your opponents occupy on the table.

3-betting offsuit against loose or aggressive opponents is often profitable; however, overestimating its strength may result in costly tournament mistakes. Nathan offers some helpful insights into setting mine profitably with pocket pairs.

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