New Online Slots to Play

Who doesn’t want new online slots to play more often? Over the last couple of years there have been some great new releases too with excellent features, so you can’t really go wrong. It makes sense. Many slots now co-exist in a highly competitive world which just keeps growing.

Of course, it’s great news for players because it means we get some fantastic new slots to play in addition to innovative features which makes gameplay even more exciting. There are also more games developers now than ever before. So what can we expect from new online slots at Slotzo?

Big Bad Wolf 

Big Bad Wolf is a 25 pay line slot game set over 5 reels and players can win from just a penny a spin or £5! There is also a great auto-spin feature which is fantastic for times when you just don’t want to keep pulling the lever manually. 

However, it is worth also noting something different with this online slot game. The higher the amount of pay lines you keep active and the higher the wager amount, the better the pay out will be. Just get the game going by picking a coin value and start spinning to match your symbols and win big. 

Gold Rush 

The Gold Rush slot game, set across five reels complete with three rows and 25 pay lines, features a theme inspired by the infamous Californian period of the gold rush. It took place at the end of the 20th century, and remains today in the form of slots with a fun gaming experience. 

The reels with this online casino game are set in front of a dramatic mining theme which clearly shows the player what the game is all about. The theme itself, with the variants of colours and well-placed fun symbols also helps immerse you in its exciting history-based theme. 

Great Rhino 

Set in the popular theme of the exotic, you’ll find the Great Rhino slot game. However, it’s got something different to most slots. You’ll feel like you’ve gone to the African Savannah with the gameplay of this slot. Complete with glorious graphics and upbeat, fun background music, immerse yourself as you spin to win. 

The special symbols here like the Wild and Bonus available with most slots do make this game even more rewarding and more thrilling. The bonus feature is great and can give players so many free spins and really further the chances of a big win. Exactly what you want when the bonus games jackpot is 500 times the stake. 


It’s not hard to see why Starburst is one of the most recent inspirational slots for a host of new games. Find dazzling jewels and a great gaming experience alongside bet limits of a penny to £100. One of the few online slots out there suitable for all budgets, all you need to do is match the symbols to win huge jackpots. Why not pick one to take for a spin today?

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