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For many it can be hard to differentiate one online casino from another based-on game offering alone as potential players instead look at other features, with the biggest online services like those found at offering thousands of different games there’s certainly plenty of diversity. Many however are just more of the same, and experienced players will look for alternative gaming prospects to see what may be possible to reignite the gambling spark, or for a game that can simply offer something that’s very different from anything they’ve played before, but which have been the most exciting gaming prospects to hit online casinos recently, and which other options may look to grow too?

Live dealers got the ball rolling – Whilst there have been a lot of newer title options being made available, one of the biggest to make its own stamp on the online casino market had been with the introduction of live dealers for some of the bigger tablet top games. It brought it a more realistic feel to the games, but more importantly it brought a more social experience for players who were tired of virtual games that would feel a bit stale – these continue to be amongst the most played of all gaming options at the biggest online casinos and have helped show that there’s excitement for these bigger changes in gaming.

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Extended reality options will come next – Gaming options have boasted the introduction of virtual and augmented reality for a number of years now, but it has been a little slower to implement than some fans had initially anticipated – some augmented reality options gained huge traction on mobile for different gaming platforms and the promised introduction to online casinos could be used to great effect, but the introduction of virtual reality is where the change will shine the most with the same as the previous being the main drive for change – more social options and a way to replicate an offline experience in an online setting will be a great way for experienced players to gain much of that tactile joy from real life locations, and provide new players with something that would otherwise be a unique feeling for visiting a casino, but offered from the comfort of home instead.

In order to deliver the key experiences many modern players are looking for, it’ll be important for online casinos to capitalise on these bigger social features and the ability to interact with the game in a more meaningful way, and these future gaming prospects could be all that’s needed to provide this change.

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