Social betting has been on the up in recent times

Social betting has been on the up in recent years with more people taking up social bets due to a lot more platforms providing social betting tips which have encouraged a lot more people to take up social betting. In recent times there has been a big shift in the way that people are placing their bets online with non UK casinos at Max offering a wide range of selections to choose from.

There are different ways that social betting is being used with most gamblers using their friends and social circle to share bets and tips. Betting used to be a solo thing to do but over recent years it has become more popular to make and create bets with friends and family members and people at work.

Social betting has become very popular for millions of people who are using social media platforms with them seeing a lot of betting tipping pages which is encouraging them to take part in social betting and trying to win themselves and their friends some money.

When it comes to the weekend’sgroups of friend’sloves sharing their football predictions for the weekend’s football games and it makes betting a lot more exciting with groups of friends all getting involved together on the same betting slip.

The growth of social media platforms has helped with the growth of social betting as groups of friends are sending each other betting tips that they have seen from various tipsters across the different social media apps. Social media platforms are being used by many betting companies after realising the large market of potential customers on them.

The betting industry has seen a large increase in social betting and especially during the lockdown periods in the past years with groups of friends that are at home all placing a group bet on different sports to keep themselves occupied and trying to win some money at the same time as well. Social betting has become a popular hobby for many people with groups of friends placing a group bet each week on football matches for example to try and win themselves a large money pot of winnings for them to enjoy spending on the weekend together. It is anticipated that social betting will continue to grow amongst groups of friends and family members across the world due to a lot more people now starting to take part in it.

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