David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

David Luiz: BC.GAME’s Newest Ambassador

Brazilian football player David Luiz is BC.GAME’s newest ambassador is set to introduce the brand’s online casino gaming offers to the Brazilian audience and market. This opportunity is best for the said brand as the credibility of David Luiz is no small thing for the Brazilian population and all football fans worldwide.

As the new inclusion of sports betting is introduced to the BC.GAME brand, the opportunities for establishing their presence in this country are off the great heights as Brazil is known for having positive responses and innovative frameworks regarding online casino gaming and sports betting.

David Luiz, their new spokesperson, will greatly increase their chances of manipulating the interested participants in the Brazilian community to come forth and give more exposure to BC.GAME.

Who Is David Luiz?

Known to many as David Luiz, this football star is a 2 time FA cup holder and a FIFA Confederations cup title holder, respectively. David Luiz hails from Diadema, Brazil, and is a professional football player under the Flamengo Team in Rio de Janeiro. He is a full-pledged center-back but can be versatile to play as a defensive midfielder or full-back.

BC.GAME and David Luiz’s Combined Efforts

With David Luiz’s fame and credibility in the football community worldwide and with his fellow Brazilians, BC.GAME can combine this feat with their strategies to maximize the given opportunity of the Brazilian market and the positive response they give to welcoming online casino gaming and sports betting to their population.

Brazil is known for accepting the trend of participating in virtual sports activities and other online casino events. Advancing the cryptocurrency trend and online casino activities here through the help of Luiz’s presence will increase better education, entertainment, and acceptance of the said topic.

All About The BC.GAME Brand

The winner of the Sigma Awards 2022, “Crypto Casino Of The Year,” is the only crypto casino to support lightning networks and revolutionize the casino industry and blockchain technology.

BC.GAME is also licensed to offer a wide variety of casino games ranging from sports betting live casinos and is also a cryptocurrency platform. They have formed strong relations and partnerships with organizations such as Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Cloud9 for better credibility and added network for their growing business.

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