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Are you searching for an app with fast, secure, and seamless gameplay for points rummy variants like pool rummy? Try Rummy Gold today!

This free app offers many exciting games and is an excellent way to pass time while simultaneously making money.

Free to download

Rummy Gold is a free offline card game you can enjoy any time. It’s simple to learn and fun to play, yet requires skill to win each hand. Customization options let you play with one, two or four players!

Rummy Gold offers you multiple ways to acquire chips. From playing various games, to referring friends and earning commission for each referral.

There are various ways for users to make money in this app, including referral bonuses, daily login bonuses and monthly cards – these features are open and available to everyone.

If your friends enjoy playing rummy, refer them to Rummy Gold and receive millions of chips as rewards! Simply copy and share the link via social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Rummy Gold offers several levels of VIP membership that allow you to receive daily bonuses of a higher value, giving you more chances at success in playing more games and increasing your odds of success.

Easy to play

Rummy gold is an easy and enjoyable app that allows users to play Rummy while earning real cash prizes. Compatible with multiple devices, download it today!

Google Play Store now offers this popular card game as a free download, boasting millions of users worldwide and becoming one of India’s most beloved card games.

E-cigarettes can also provide an effective means to relax and relieve stress. Their simple operation requires no technical know-how whatsoever.

Additionally, it provides a delightful way to pass the time. Perfect for all users and networks both 2G/3G simultaneously while using minimal data consumption, the app offers endless entertainment!

Earn money through playing and referral. Referring friends will allow you to receive 30% tax amount of their game play as your payment.

Claim monthly card rewards as an alternative. Similar to VIP bonuses, these can be claimed multiple times throughout each month.

Easy to withdraw

Rummy Golds offers several methods for you to withdraw funds from your account: debit/credit card, Net Banking, Paytm or UPI are just a few ways.

However, depending on your bank processing speed and other variables, this process could take anywhere from 24 hours to three days; sometimes longer may pass before you receive your money.

Rummy Passion’s withdrawal fee typically ranges from INR 50 up to 1% of the withdrawn amount and payment method used.

To withdraw cash from your Rummy Passion account, you need to meet all criteria listed within the app and achieve gold tier or above status. After doing this, winnings will be instantly deposited to your bank account.

Invite friends to play games through your app and you could earn additional income of 30% to 60% in commission. Use that cash either for additional playback or withdraw it as desired.


Rummy Gold is an online rummy app designed to offer players a safe, enjoyable and secure playing experience. Utilizing advanced encryption technology to safeguard player data and information, and complying with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), players are assured that this game offers them fun while remaining protected.

As well as offering a selection of games and rewarding users for playing them with daily login bonuses and referral bonuses, this platform boasts an exceptional customer support team as well as fair game play policies to maintain the integrity of its games. It provides excellent customer support as well as offering fair game play policies to protect game integrity.

Rummy Gold provides players with several payment methods for withdrawing winnings quickly and conveniently, such as IMPS, e-wallets and credit cards. Requests for withdrawal are processed quickly.

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